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New Service
TENDER INDONESIA as parent company, preparing launching its ambitious Artificial Intelligence system known as ROBOT BUYER.
This service using Artificiall Intelligence known as ROBOT BUYER, will help overseas companies to sell products to Indonesia B to B market

As a Background, Indonesia imports various goods annually about US$ 171 Billion
It is big opportunities for all of you.

The Mission IndoBuyer.id is for overseas companies as members, to quickly find and match potential Indonesian B To B Buyers,
This process is by using Artificial Intelligence Support -- ROBOT BUYER

You will gain Big Benefits by being as our member, one of it that you do not need to visit Indonesia, to find the credible potential buyer.
Our service is also covering import supporting services such as :
logistic, import legal permit, trade financing, Et Cetra.

So How to use the IndoBuyer.id…?
1. Register online as a member
2. Your account then will be activated
3. Next, you can manage your account profile, including set and save your product category in the system.
4. Then our Artificial Intelligence system (ROBOT BUYER) will automatically match your product with thousands of business contact (B to B Indonesian buyers).
These contacts keep growing and updated.

IndoBuyer.id is Supported by The ITTIC (Indonesia Trade, Tourism, Investment Club), TENDER INDONESIA, & AMARTA CONSULTING)

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