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Resikel PT Resikel Global Techindo
We are an EPC (Engineering Precurement and Construction) company which focuses on waste issue in Bandung area by creating Incinerator technology. Out team consists of four graduates pf ITB who have various expertise. Waste is our passion, preventing it tol landfill is our mission.

Incinerator RGT HK 1000
- Processing capacity 300 kg/h – 1 ton/h
- Material : patented refractory bricks P.0020100408
- Fuel : Gas
- Fuel Gas Treatment : Chemical Scrubing
- Operation temperatur : +-800c

Catalyctic Pyrolyzer
1 kg plastics/batch*

Pilot Scale Catalyc Pyrolyzer

10 kg plastics/batch*
Convertion 70%
i.e. 1 kg plastics produces 7000g of fuel

Contact us
Address: Jl Kavling Geologi Baru No A/10. Kelurahan Cisaranten Kulon, Kecamatan Arcamanik, Bandung 40293
Telp: 0896-9440-8507
Email: akbar.elgamaulana@gmail.com
Website: www.resikel.id

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